We would like to be clear, our intention is to ensure that everyone living in our community is able to experience the input of Health and Social Care professionals in a timely and appropriate manner.

We also hope we have explained the reasons for this process.

We ask that this is respected by professionals and that our Health and Social Care Partners understand, that if requests to book assessments or reviews are made directly to the home, they will be directed to the Assessments and Contracts team and this booking process which is available at www.heantonnursinghome.com/process

The team at Heanton Nursing Home will be unable to take or accept assessment or review requests directly.

We also ask professionals to respect the difference between scheduled, unscheduled, urgent booking requests and social visits. If requests are made under the wrong section of this process we believe it is reasonable for us to identify this to the professional and that our response will be that they need to rebook their visit or meeting in line with the part of the process that applies accordingly.

We will speak directly to the individual worker constructively and professionally to explain this process. If there are repeat instances of this from an individual worker or persistently from a specific agency then we will raise this informally to senior management within that workers agency. If there are continued concerns then we will then escalate this formally via the agencies complaints procedure.

If a professional arrives at the home to complete an assessment or review and has not made an appointment with the assessments and contracts team, we see it as reasonable to not facilitate the visit as it will not have been appropriately prepared for, nor the family member, and advocate/representative had the chance to prepare to attend the assessment or review.

Additionally the duty member of the Clinical Team will not have made allowances for the time to support the assessment or review alongside their existing planned clinical tasks and duties for the day. The impact of not completing these would foreseeably lead to delays in planned nursing interventions and observations which in turn increase clinical risks to our Family Members.