Residents at Heanton Nursing Home in Barnstaple, who are fondly referred to as family members, engaged in a heartwarming art workshop, organised by the team, as they commemorated Remembrance Day by creating vibrant poppy-shaped paper paintings as part of a mosaic. The workshop, brought joy, creativity, and a sense of shared remembrance to the family members. The poppy-shaped paper paintings served as a unique way of self-expression, allowing family members to explore their creativity while honoring the heartfelt occasion of Remembrance Day.

Art therapy is not about creating masterpieces but rather about the process and the emotional journey it takes our family members on. Through painting, drawing or even sculpting our family members can unlock hidden memories and express their thoughts and feelings.

A team member at Heanton said, “The art workshop was a beautiful and uplifting experience for everyone involved. It provided an opportunity for family members to express themselves artistically”

Heanton Nursing Home is a nursing home based in Barnstaple, North Devon. It’s approach to life recognises the values, beliefs and identity of each person. Each person that may need support is unique and by understanding one’s life history, one’s journey in life, by striving to be a true continuation of home, the team at Heanton Nursing Home create a place where everyone feels safe and never alone.