Volunteering offers you the unique opportunity to meet and form special connections with people you might not have met otherwise.  Connecting with new people can enrich life and by building broader social connections and giving to others, you can share your feelings of happiness and self-worth.  By volunteering, you get to create a positive impact on our family members well-being as well as your own.

Many of those who live with us have lived through significant moments throughout history, from the last to generation of war survivors to our very own Apollo 11 viewers. When you think about it, we all reach a point in our life where we become almost like a living, breathing time capsule. We are all made up of stories, and when we share them with each other, we show what it means to be human. We are emerging from one of the most difficult periods in history, a time that has amplified togetherness, volunteering with our home is a perfect chance to feel rewarded.

What skills do you need?

You do not need any specific skills or qualifications to be a friend to someone.  A kind heart is all that is needed.  After being supported through an induction with one of our experienced team members, we can introduce you to our family members.

How much time do you need to commit?

You can spend as much or as little time with us as you would like! That is the beauty of volunteering, the choice is entirely yours.

How do I get involved?

If you have the empathy and enthusiasm to make a positive difference to someone’s life as well as your own, please make contact and our team will be happy to talk you through the process of getting involved.

To learn about our culture of care please visit www.heantonnursinghome.com/who-is-thomas-kitwood and read our story; we can’t wait to learn yours!