Devon Nursing Home

Sunday lunch has been taken to a whole new level at a group of South West nursing homes, who are now offering waiter service, complete with wine and fine dining.

Evolve Care Group, who own and operate nursing homes across Devon, Somerset and South Wales, have been introducing innovative new ways of creating positive meal time experiences for the people living in their homes. Whether this is through crafting a fine dining experience akin to that of a luxury restaurant; or constructing an in house ‘pub’ for individuals to enjoy a drink and a dance, as well as play dominoes, cards and bingo!

Evolve Care Group Director, Preyen Dewani, told us: “We try to always go the extra mile for ‘family members’ living with us. We do encourage individuals to exercise their independence as much as they’d like to, however, it is also lovely to be able to enjoy truly luxurious waiter service. We have had a brilliant response to these new changes that have been implemented. One family member, living in Heanton Nursing Home near Barnstaple in North Devon, told me that the waiter service put a huge smile on her face and she thought it was lovely place to live.”

Local professionals have also commended the nursing homes for their approach, saying that the homes going that extra mile has definitely led to better outcomes for the individuals living in their care.

Paula Mascall, Home Manager at our Devon Nursing Home, Heanton, told us: “The response we’ve had from local professionals that we work with and that visit our home every day, has been fantastic. Our upmost priority is creating meaning and happiness every day, for our “family members”; and sometimes that means treating everyone to a fancy dinner, served by waiters in coat and tails!”